Welcome to Wye Class

Welcome to Wye class where there is always something exciting going on. We work hard, look after each other and love to laugh.

During the summer term, we will be learning all about the human body, plants and light.


The children will be sent home a selection of activities at the start of term which they can chose from each week. There are some short tasks worth 2 house points and larger, more time-consuming tasks worth 10. This approach allows the children to tailor their own learning depending on what interests them whilst accommodating to their busy home lives.

Classroom Rewards   

We love praise and rewards in Wye class. We range from lots of verbal praise to house points. Mr Fair can be particularly generous at times as he has been known to give out at least 50. As well as these, the children are rewarded with a raffle ticket for something that is particularly noteworthy. Each day we draw out a ticket for a reward such as 10 minutes reading or drawing during the following day and then compile them all up at the end of the week for the ‘big draw’ where children can win 10 minutes extra play with a friend or even the teachers chair for the day (Mr Fair particularly dislikes this one!).

Our Teachers

Mr Fair

Mrs Chattington
Teaching Assistant

Things To Remember

Mondays – Tennis/ Athletics

Wednesdays – Real PE

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