Mordiford CE primary school is a small, rural school that places family and nurture at its core. We provide a caring and enriching learning environment, which is inclusive, and enables our children to be highly competent in all aspects of their learning.

Our curriculum is designed to provide a broad and balanced education that provides opportunities for our children to develop as independent, confident and successful learners. It is carefully structured so that it builds on children’s prior learning and develops their knowledge and skills in a progressive manner.

Our curriculum embraces our unique setting recognising the local environment, local history, heritage and geographical links. It is enriched with opportunities to learn outside in the school grounds, school garden and woodlands and further afield in surrounding areas, reinforcing the importance of physical activity and development, well-being and mental health.

The context of our school means that it is ever more important to ensure that our children are aware of the diversity of wider society, nationally and globally. Our curriculum provides our children with an appreciation and understanding of cultures and an environmental conscious locally, nationally and globally. This is enhanced from our Erasmus projects and links with European schools. We are passionate that our children learn about the needs of others which is demonstrated in the charitable work we participate in both locally and globally.

Our children leave our school with a sense of belonging and community, where they have self-belief, confidence and the skills and knowledge to become life-long passionate learners and positive role models in society.

Ultimately, our intent is to foster a love for learning, celebrating academic and personal success.

Our vision statement below describes what we hope to achieve for all of our students :

At Mordiford Primary school we treasure each individual, believing that everyone is unique and valued by God. We create a nurturing, inspiring and challenging learning community rooted in Christian values : compassion, respect and love. We provide an outstanding education for our pupils underpinned by a growth mindset philosophy enabling our pupils to be responsible, confident and empowered so they can grow and flourish as young adults.

The ‘Golden Threads’ that run through our curriculum are :

  • Environmental consciousness
  • Global perspectives
  • Enterprise & innovation


We create a calm, purposeful, organised learning environment. We concentrate on the positive, supporting individual needs, helping children discover their talents and become focussed, active and confident learners.


We provide an engaging, relevant and innovative curriculum which aims to excite learners, try new things, push them outside their comfort zone, help them develop critical thinking skills and solve problems creatively. We love taking the learning outside and aim to provide breadth and depth in the opportunities we give our children.


We help children to be the best they can be, to lead happy, healthy, well-balanced, fulfilled lives able to discover and make the best of their gifts and talents.

Our curriculum is planned around seven areas of learning and addresses the physical, mental, spiritual, cultural and intellectual health of all children.

Section  Key components
Well Being PE, Peer Massage, Mindfulness, Active Schools, Sex and Relationships Education, Forest School
Spiritual and Moral RW, Philosophy, Family Values
Personal Skills Growth Mindset, Leadership, Independence, Self-reliance, Resilience, Team Work,

Commitment, Empathy, Self-reflection

English Reading, Writing, Grammar, Punctuation, Handwriting, Speaking, Listening, Phonics, Drama, vocabulary
Maths Number, Problem Solving, Reasoning, Calculation, Measurement, Fractions/Decimals, Geometry, Algebra
Knowledge and Understanding the World Science, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Language

Computing, Global citizenship

The Arts Art, Design Technology, Music