Our school motto “Treasure Each Individual” reflects our view that each child deserves to be valued in their own right and to be supported to develop their own unique talents. This links closely with our Christian vision, which is based upon Psalm139. We recognise that all of us are “wonderfully made…dearly loved and precious in God’s sight”. Our curriculum is  designed to inspire children in the widest sense: spiritually, academically, physically, culturally and globally so that they are equipped to be the best that they can be in every sense and prepared for life as citizens in the wider and ever changing world.

Our curriculum is therefore planned around seven areas of learning and addresses the physical, mental, spiritual, cultural and intellectual health of all children.

Section  Key components
Well Being PE, Peer Massage, Mindfulness, Active Schools, Sex and Relationships Education, Forest School
Spiritual and Moral RE, Philosophy, Family Values
Personal Skills Growth Mindset, Leadership, Independence, Self-reliance, Resilience, Team Work,

Commitment, Empathy, Self-reflection

English Reading, Writing, Grammar, Punctuation, Handwriting, Speaking, Listening, Phonics, Drama, vocabulary
Maths Number, Problem Solving, Reasoning, Calculation, Measurement, Fractions/Decimals, Geometry, Algebra
Knowledge and Understanding the World Science, History, Geography, Modern Foreign Language

Computing, Global citizenship

The Arts Art, Design Technology, Music