Welcome to Teme Class

Spring Term 2022

Happy New Year to you all! I hope you had a relaxing and peaceful Christmas, ready for the exciting start to our spring term. Here is a brief outline of some of the things we will be learning about this term – as always we are going to be very busy!

Literacy and Topic

The children and I are continuing our learning journey through ancient times with Ancient Greeks this term. In literacy, we will be first focusing on the myths and legends from this period, in particular those from Aesop’s Tales. We will also be learning about the Gods which they worshipped and why; finding out where the Olympics were first held; the introduction of Marathons and understanding of Greek democracy.


We will be progressing with our skills in place value knowledge and learning more formal techniques for multiplication and division including our mental recall strategies. We will be concentrating on fractions and decimals, as well as negative numbers, whilst learning to calculate and understand area and perimeters of shape.

The ‘Friday Frog Maths Club’ will continue and I am delighted to see how much the children are enjoying, and embracing working hard to leap to their next lily pad! The children are also working very hard on their times table challenges and with success, so well done for all that extra practise they are having at home and once again – practise, practise makes perfect! They are expected to answer the mixed up times table, they are practising, within 1 minute. The children know which times table they are being challenged with and it is better for them to focus on one at time, to really embed those important life-long facts.


In Science this term we will be learning about different states of matter including solid, liquids and gases and will learn how particles behave in different states. We will be learning about the water cycle and understanding how evaporation, condensation and participation occurs. In addition next half term, we will be studying sound, identifying that sounds are made when something vibrates and using a range of musical instruments learning how to make louder, softer, higher or lower sounds.

Music/Art and Design

The children will continue to learn playing the clarinet with Pete from Hereford Music Services on Thursday mornings. In art and design we will be using our history topic this term to make and design Greek pottery using natural earth colours and tones.

Spellings will be given every Monday to be tested on Friday. Please encourage your child to learn these at home. Homework will be given out on a Monday to be handed in by Friday via the Teams app. Reading is going to be focused on heavily this term and regular practise at home really helps your child to improve in all areas of their learning development. I am asking each child to read five times a week, in their own time. I would be most grateful for your help and encouragement with this.

Many thanks, as always, for all your support. Please feel free to email or call me to discuss any matters or concerns you may have at any time or just to check on your child’s progress.

Our Teachers

Miss Glover

Mrs Broadbent
Teaching Assistant

Things To Remember

Our P.E. sessions this term will be on Tuesday (with Adriano, our P.E. Specialist) and Thursday (with myself) where we will be developing and practising our ‘Moving Targets’ dance ready to perform to you at the Courtyard Theatre in March. Please ensure your child wears their school P.E. kit into school on these days.

Helpful Information