It is very important to us at Mordiford CE Primary School that all of the children feel confident in sharing their ideas and opinions and they are secure in the knowledge that those opinions will be listened to and are valued. Children are encouraged to develop their “voice” from a very early age.  In the Early Years Foundation Stage speaking and listening activities are given a very high priority and as a result the children speak confidently to their peers and adults alike. Children in KS1 and KS2 develop their opinions and confidence in public speaking in a range of ways such as through leading class worship, PSHE, RE, Philosophy and debate. They are also encouraged to participate in Family Values activities, questionnaires, policy making and contributing to discussions in our daily worship.

We have a very active School Council, who takes their responsibility as representatives of the school pupil body very seriously. This year they have been actively involved in fund raising for a variety of projects such as Concern Universal and the Community Larder. The children also raised some money, through a cake sale and dress down day, which they then followed up by presenting their ideas to the PTFA in order to secure match funding to purchase a food trolley. The trolley is to be used when the School Council launch a new healthy eating Tuck Shop next term.  The children have raised issues about improvements to the toilets, lunch time stickers and play times all of which have had a positive impact in that they have improved provision for all children.