At Mordiford we promote a love of books and reading. Reading plays an important role in every stage of a child’s learning. It fires the imagination and opens a world of new knowledge. Reading new words and seeing them used in different contexts improves children’s vocabulary, as well as their language and comprehension skills. This in turn helps them to become more proficient writers, who can use and apply words with confidence, accuracy, and flair.
Authors use a wide variety of literary techniques to foster their readers’ engagement and sustain their interest. Exposing children to the work of as many writers as possible helps them to discover characters that intrigue and inspire them, plots they can relate to, and genres that they love. Reading also helps children to develop their social and cultural capital by giving them access to new ideas and experiences and encouraging them to empathise with people and characters from all walks of life.
In the Reception setting, we provide a language rich environment where children can access high quality texts. We also encourage children to share books with their parents and carers at home on a daily basis. To support your child why not take part in our Recommended Reads for Reception Challenge? The books have been selected to give pupils a window into other people’s worlds, promote discussion and build reading resilience. Some of the books are found in school and others you borrow from local libraries or from each other. Children collect stamps on their Battle of the Books bookmarks each time they finish a book. Certificates will be awarded over the course of the year as children tick off books they have read. There are no time limits, the children read as many as they want and take as long as they want.