Year 3 Children




    In Wye Class there is always something exciting going on.  We work hard, enjoy our learning and have lots of FUN whilst we do it.

    Mrs Broadbridge and Mrs Blenkinsop plan exciting lessons/learning for us and they support and help us in many ways.

    During Year 3 we will be studying the following topics:

    • Invaders & Settlers (Romans)
    • Funnybones (The Human Body)
    • India

    In Science this year we will be looking at:

    • Rocks and Soils including dinosaurs and fossils
    • Light and Shadows
    • Forces & Magnets
    • Plants
    • Animals including Humans

    In RE we will find out about:

    • What it means to be a Christian
    • The importance of The Bible
    • Why people pray?
    • Religious festivals, including Christmas and Easter
    • How believers see God
    • Hinduism

    We will also be beginning our French lessons – ‘Bonjour tout le monde’



    In Wye Class we LOVE going on trips and finding out more about the things we are learning about in school.

    This term, Summer, we will be visiting Nature in Art (Gloucester) to enhance our topic on India.

    See the following website to find out more:


    During the Spring term we visited @Bristol as part of our topic ‘Funnybones’ where we found out all about the human body.  We took part in a ‘Brain and Body’ themed day which included workshops, a theatre show and the exploration of the exhibits.

    See the following website to find out more:


    During the Autumn term we visited the National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon, Wales to find out more about how the Romans lived.

    See the following website to find out more:











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    Have a go at these activities at home……

    LITERACY                                                   NUMERACY                                     OTHER SUBJECTS


    literacy                           numeracy20icon                          interactive maths



    These are the spellings that Y3/Y4 pupils are expected to know

    Click on the image to enlarge


  • Mrs Broadbridge - Teacher & Mrs Chattington, Miss Hobby, Mrs Betteridge (Mon & Wed) & Mrs Blenkinsop - Teaching Assistants






    TUESDAY – PE with Adriano ( this could be indoor or outdoors depending on the weather)

    You will need: Indoor PE kit – school white PE t-shirt, red PE shorts.

                            Outdoor PE kit – school white PE t-shirt, red PE shorts, change of socks, sweatshirt, outdoor trainers


    FRIDAY – every other week we will be doing  YOGA starting from 2/3/18.  Don’t forget to practise at home too!





    Reading books will be changed on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS.
    Please bring in your reading book and diary everyday.
    It is important that the adult that hears you read at home signs your diary everyday and makes a comment. Mrs Broadbridge and Mrs Blenkinsop will check diaries regularly.
    If you finish your book then read something from home, you can read: comics, fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, posters etc


    Practice/learn your times tables at home whenever you get the chance. They are really important and will help you in all your maths lessons.
    When you have learnt a times table then let Mrs Broadbridge or Mrs Blenkinsop know and they will test you. You need to know each times table up to 12x, be able to say it in order, answer random questions and know the inverse (division)

    You can also practice telling the time and using money.

    Every Friday we do our Froggy Maths.
    You have 5 minutes to answer as many questions as you can. Well done if you get them all right, then your frog will hop onto the next Froggy club lily-pad. If you don’t quite get them all correct or you don’t finish in time then the sheet will be sent home for you to look at over the week, ready for the next Tuesday Foggy Club.


    Every Friday we will have our spelling test.
    Remember to bring your spelling book in on a Friday so your next spellings can be put in ready to learn.

  • @ Bristol Brain and Body Day

    We had an AMAZING day at @ Bristol, or as it is now called We The Curious!

    The day was to enhance our class topic ‘FunnyBones’ and we spent it learning all about the human body.

    The workshops were great fun – we measured the brain size of different primates to compare with the human brain and we looked at different skeletons.  We also used a special microscope connected to the computer to see enlarged images of our hair, teeth, freckles, fingerprints, ears etc.  Finally, we worked in teams to complete an MRI jigsaw of the human body.

    The science show was all about how the human body works.  We found out about neurons, the brain, how blood is moved around the body by the heart, muscles and much more.

    At the end of the day we had time to explore the exhibits and the obligatory trip to the shop!!

    Arcimboldo Fruit & Veg Faces

    As part of our Erasmus+ project we have been looking at artist who have used fruit and vegetables in their work.  We looked at the work of Arcimboldo, which was very interesting and unusual.

    We then had the opportunity to make our own faces out of a wide range of fruit and veg!!  Mrs Griffith helped us and the final pieces of art were amazing – we were so excited and pleased with them.  The photos Mrs Griffith took are on display outside our classroom.

    So we didn’t waste the produce we then made some very tasty smoothies and yummy soup which we got to eat.

    Science Fun with Dr Rhodes

    We had great fun learning about magnetism in our science session with Dr Rhodes.  We built models based on the Indian Rope Trick and investigated how the poles of a magnet work using the words ATTRACT and REPEL.  Dr Rhodes was amazed by the awesome and tricky questions we asked him – it really made his brain hurt to explain the answers!!!

    Caerleon Roman Museum Trip

    Wye class had an amazing day at Caerleon Roman Museum.  We found out about the amphitheatre and the Roman Barracks, we even  got to explore the remains.  We then went an looked at the Roman Baths and found out how the Romans washed and kept clean.  The workshops were really interesting and great fun.  We dressed as masters and servants and got to feed each other the foods that the Romans would have eaten at a banquet.  There were some very unusual foods!!  Then we went into the Barrack Room and got to try on a Roman soldier’s armour.  Wow!! it was very heavy.