Year 3 Children




    In Wye Class there is always something exciting going on.  We work hard, enjoy our learning and have lots of FUN whilst we do it.

    Mrs Broadbridge and Mrs Blenkinsop plan exciting lessons/learning for us and they support and help us in many ways.

    During Year 3 we will be studying the following topics:

    • Invaders & Settlers (Romans)
    • Funnybones (The Human Body)
    • India

    In Science this year we will be looking at:

    • Rocks and Soils
    • Light and Shadows
    • Forces & Magnets
    • Plants
    • Animals inc Humans

    In RE we will find out about:

    • What it means to be a Christian
    • The importance of The Bible
    • Why people pray?
    • Religious festivals, including Christmas and Easter
    • How believers see God
    • Sikhism

    We will also be beginning our French lessons – ‘Bonjour tout le monde’



    In Wye Class we LOVE going on trips and finding out more about the things we are learning about in school.

    During the Autumn term we will be visiting the National Roman Legion Museum, Caerleon, Wales to find out more about how the Romans lived.

    See the following website to find out more:



    Spring Term trip – this term our topic is Funnybones and we will be learning all about the human body.  So, to complement this we will be spending a Brain and Body themed day at @Bristol.

    See the link below to find out more……..






    Have a go at these activities at home……

    LITERACY                                                   NUMERACY                                     OTHER SUBJECTS


    literacy                           numeracy20icon                          interactive maths



    These are the spellings that Y3/Y4 pupils are expected to know

    Click on the image to enlarge


  • Mrs Broadbridge - Teacher & Mrs Blenkinsop - Teaching Assistant



    Monday: Swimming

    Swimming costume, swimming shorts, swimming hat (girls), towel.

    Thursday: PE  

    White school PE t-shirt, red shorts, tracksuit bottoms, plain coloured sweatshirt.


    Recorder lessons with Mrs Oakley on a Thursday morning.  Please make sure your recorder is in school every week.



    Reading books will be changed on MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS & FRIDAYS.
    Please bring in your reading book and diary everyday.
    It is important that the adult that hears you read at home signs your diary everyday and makes a comment.
    You can read: comics, fiction, non-fiction, newspapers, posters etc


    Practice/learn your times tables at home whenever you get the chance. They are really important and will help you in all your maths lessons.
    When you have learnt a times table then let Mrs Broadbridge or Mrs Blenkinsop know and they will test you. You need to know each times table up to 12x, be able to say it in order, answer random questions and know the inverse (division)

    You can also practice telling the time and using money.

    Every Friday we do our Froggy Maths.
    You have 5 minutes to answer as many questions as you can. Well done if you get them all right, then your frog will hop onto the next Froggy club lily-pad. If you don’t quite get them all correct or you don’t finish in time then the sheet will be sent home for you to look at over the week, ready for the next Tuesday Foggy Club.


    Every Friday we will have our spelling test.
    Remember to bring your spelling book in on a Tuesday so your next spellings can be put in ready to learn.

  • DT fortnight in Wye class

    We have really enjoyed Design Technology fortnight in Wye class and have taken part in a wide range of activities.  This has ranged from The Pillowcase Project (run by The Red Cross), building a city during our Lego building day, making kites, taking part in The Squashed Tomatoes challenge to designing and making our own Moving Monsters.

    Light & Shadows workshop

    We have been working with Dr Rhodes again this half term on Light & Shadows.  We carried out some investigations based on the length of shadows and opaque, translucent and transparent materials.

    Can you remember the difference between OPAQUE?  TRANSLUCENT? and TRANSPARENT?  What does each word mean?

    We Have A Visit From Dental Hygienist & Medic

    As part of our Funny Bones topic we have had visits from a Dental Hygienist and a Medic.  Both told us lots about their jobs and how we can look after our bodies and teeth.

    The dental hygienist showed us how much hidden sugar is in our food.  Did you know that there are 23 teaspoons of sugar in a bottle of ketchup and 8 and a half teaspoons of sugar in a full fat can of coke!!!  We also looked for sugar in our food by reading the ingredients on packaging.

    The medic showed us his medics bag and all the equipment he has to carry around with him.  We were able to have a go at bandaging each other, listening to our hearts using a stethoscope and measure our heart rates using a special monitor.  He also told us how to check if someone is breathing or not after an accident.

    Brain & Body Day @Bristol

    We had an amazing day at @Bristol.  As part of a themed Brain & Body Day we had a workshop with an @Bristol educator.  In the workshop we had to make a human body MRI jigsaw, measure different skulls, name the organs of the body and use a special camera to take pictures of our skin etc.

    Then we had great fun looking and trying out all the science exhibits in the centre.  There was so much to look at and learn that we ran out of time!!!

    In the afternoon, we had a theatre show.  In the show we learnt all about neurons and how they send messages to parts of the body from the brain, how our heart pumps blood around the body and how muscles work.  It was a fantastic day.

    Magnetism Science Workshops

    This week we have had great fun in our science lessons.  Dr Rhodes has worked with us on MAGNETISM.  We have carried out 3 investigations to see how strong magnets really are.  As part of the investigations we have thought about our predictions, the method, our results, conclusions and what we would change if we did the investigation again.  We even watched a video to see how magnets work in space!

    Ready, Steady BAKE!!!

    Wye Class had a fun day baking lots of cakes and biscuits ready for our Cake Sale.

    Mrs B and some parent helpers worked hard during the day to help us.  We practised our measuring, weighing and reading and following instructions.  We also got to decorate the cakes and biscuits before the big sale.

    Then at 2.45pm we prepared our stall out on the playground and the sale began.  We had LOTS of parents and children all wanting to buy our delicious cakes and biscuits.  There were even extra to sell because some of our parents had cooked at home too.

    Everyone was busy helping and we had to use even more of our numeracy skills as we dealt with money – adding up totals and giving the correct change.  By the time we had finished nearly every single biscuit and cake had been sold.

    It was great fun and we will definitely hold another one ………. Watch this space!

    Roald Dahl Day 2016

    This year we celebrated the 100th birthday of Roald Dahl by dressing up at school and taking part in activities with a Dahl theme.

    In Wye class we have been reading/studying George’s Marvellous Medicine and The Twits in our literacy lessons, which has been great fun.  We are also reading Matilda as our class story.

    Lots of the class have bought in their own copies of the books to read along too.

    It was great fun dressing up.  Can you work out which Roald Dahl characters we came as from the class photo?

    Caerleon Roman Museum visit

    Wye Class visited the National Roman Museum in Caerleon, Wales.  We were all very excited as we set off from school, eager to learn and find out as much as we could about the life of a Roman soldier.  There was so much to explore and see during the day – the ruins of the amphitheatre, the barracks and the baths.  There was lots to touch and it was very interactive.

    After lunch we had a interesting workshop called ‘The Roman Feast’.  Some of us were chosen to be slaves and some of us were wealthy Romans.  The slaves had to serve us typical Roman food and we even got to wipe our mouths on their aprons and pretend to be sick half way through the meal, like the Romans did!!!  Then we went into the soldiers’ barrack rooms and tried on Roman armour and helmets.

    The final activity was to look at all the artefacts that had been excavated for the site including a Roman coffin with the skeleton still inside.

    It was a fantastic day and were learnt so much to help us with our topic.  We would definitely recommend a visit.

    The Snake Man visits Wye Class

    As part of Science week we had a workshop visit with Nigel Hand ‘The Snake Man’.  He showed us a Corn Snake, a Milk Snake, a Grass Snake and a Lizard.  It was very exciting and we were able to hold and touch them.  For science week we are studying dinosaurs and fossils so we asked lots of questions about the biggest snake during the time of the dinosaurs etc.