School Council our Dragon Committee


    School Council Update: Our School Council is called The Dragon Committee

    Nia designed our School Logo

    In 2019-20 our members are:

    Year 2 – Daniel and Rhys 

    Year 3 – Elissa

    Year 4 – Megan, Rohan, Lois, Eden and Ffion

    Year 5- Maya and Poppy J

    Year 6 – Rohana, Catlin and Nia 


    Our aim is to make the school better under the guidance of all of the students.  One of our first projects has been to meet with representatives from the school governors and Parish Council. We have also consulted about school lunches and have worked on our Behaviour Policy

    Miss Finney helps run the meetings but the older children are learning to do it themselves. Future projects include – fundraising, refurbishment of toilet areas and improving learning spaces and other amenities around school.

    We will keep you regularly updated with news.

    Mordiford Dragon Committee