Year 4 Children
  • Welcome to Teme Class (Year 4)

    In Teme Class we work together in a co-operative way so that we can all achieve our best in everything we do.  We support each other in our learning and celebrate all of our successes in and out of school.

    Over the year we have had great fun finding out about the following topics:

    • The Egyptians
    • America
    • Ancient Greece

    This Autumn term we are studying the Ancient Egyptians. We have lots of fun activities to look forward to.

    In science we are looking at electricity and sound.

    Teme Class Trips

    The Courtyard

    On Wednesday 21st September at 11:00am, Teme Class headed to The Courtyard to visit the story teller Jessica Souhami. Jessica spoke to the children about the process of creating a picture book as she shared her own favourite stories.

    Image result for Jessica SouhamiImage result for Jessica Souhami


    The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

    Image result for tutankhamunOn Monday 31st October (Monday after half term), we are visiting the Birmingham Museum Art Gallery to take part in several Ancient Egyptian workshops. 

    Literacy and Reading

    In literacy we are studying The BFG by the fabulous Roald Dahl.   Don’t forget to dress up as your favourite Roald Dahl character on Friday 15th September to celebrate the life of this famous children’s author.

    If any parents would like to come and listen to readers please let me know. You’re help and support would be very much appreciated.  

    Roald Dahl Week 2016

    Science Week 17th - 21st October 2016

    The Reptile Man

    To kick start our Science week we were very lucky and excited to have a visit from Nigel Hand – The Reptile Man.  Nigel brought a variety of snakes and lizards with him into school and we were able to hold them. We asked Nigel lots of questions about the reptiles and we learnt a lot about them. We hope you like our photos!

    Forest School
    We had a fun and messy time at Forest School as part of our Science week. We conducted an experiment to test which ‘nature coat’ was the best at protecting an egg from being dropped from a range of heights. We used mud, apples and anything mucky that we could see. 

    Our Class Worship

    We decided to present, to the School Community, what we had been learning in Science this half term in our Class Worship – ELECTRICITY! We explained the dangers of electricity and how we can keep safe. We hope that you like our photos.


    Our Egyptian Class Trip

    We had a fantastic time at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. We had three exciting workshops during our day. 

    During our first workshop we were able to discover the world of Ancient Egypt by exploring the fantastic history galleries. We were asked to hunt for ‘star objects’, find out more about the Egyptian world,  sketch and make an amulet to take away.

    During our second workshop we were asked to help  prepare our Pharaoh for the afterlife! We had fun learning about the gruesome jobs that come with the task of mummification. From pulling out brains to finding out what a mummy smells like, we discovered why the Egyptians made mummies and uncovered the belief system that went with the ritual of mummification.

    In our final workshop we discovered more about the Ancient Egyptian way of life by looking at buildings, carvings, sculptures, and paintings they left behind. We learnt about papyrus and natural pigments and created our own work of art to take back to school.

    It was a great day had by all.

    Science with Dr Rhodes

    DT Fortnight

    Teme worked well designing, making and evaluating their individual fairground rides.

  • Miss Quinn - Teacher & Mrs Fraser - Teaching Assistant



    Things to remember:

    Tuesday - musical instruments

    Tuesday - PE kit

    Tuesday - Hand in homework books


    Friday Frog Club

    Image result for frog jump lilly pad

    In Friday Frog Club the children have 5 minutes to complete the times table questions at their level and the number of questions increases as they rise up through the clubs.

    It begins with 33 questions on the 2, 5 & 10 times tables in the 33 club, to the all the tables in the 99 club! In the 99 club the children must answer 99 questions on their times tables in 5 minutes!

    To jump onto the next lily pad the children have to get all the questions right in 5 minutes!

    Use this website to test yourself.
    Select the tables of the club you are in and see if you can answer enough questions correctly in 5 minutes.

    Use these timers
    Select the timer you like and set the time to 5 minutes.

    Secret Friends

    In Teme class, every week, we all have a secret friend.  As a secret friend we make sure that:

    • they are happy
    • that they are never lonely
    • that they have lots of fun
    •  that they don’t find out who it is until the end of the school week.

    We think that this is a nice and fun thing to do because we all know that we have a ‘secret friend’ looking out for us.

    The Mordiford Mile

    Please ensure that you have your trainers in school so that you can participate in the daily mile.


    Don’t forget to visit our Twitter page to see what we’ve been up to.


    Weekly Spelling
    Week beginning 31.10.16


    Week beginning 7.11.16

    We are looking the prefix is -a-u-t-o, auto. Auto means ‘self’ or ‘own’. It can be added to the front of some root words.


    How many other ‘auto’ words can do you know? Write them down and bring them into class.

    Week beginning 14.11.16

    We are learning how to add the suffix -ly.
    The rule for adding -ly: If the root word has more than one syllable and ends in y, we have to swap the y for an i before adding ly.

    angry – angrily
    sleepy – sleepily
    hasty – hastily
    happy – happily
    cosy – cosily
    cheeky – cheekily

    Weird Word Warning:
    If a word ends in -ic, we have to add the suffix -ally, ally, not just -ly.

    frantic – frantically
    magic – magically
    comic – comically
    dramatic – dramatically
    automatic – automatically

    sad – sadly
    physical – physically
    nice – nicely
    slow – slowly
    final – finally

    Week beginning 21.11.16

    We are looking the prefix inter-. Inter- means ‘among’ or ‘between’. We can just add it to the front of words without changing their spelling.


    Click on the picture below to see the National Curriculum Spelling List for Years 3 and 4. Helping your child to learn these words will really support their English development.


    In maths this week we are...
    31.10.16 - Using the grid method to multiply TU x U



    7.11.16 - Dividing 2-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers, with remainders, using written layout for chunking
    14.11.16 - Factors, Prime and square numbers

    Factors – http://www.topmarks.co.uk/Flash.aspx?a=activity02

    Factors, Square and Prime Numbers: http://mathsframe.co.uk/en/resources/resource/287/Mine_Mayhem_Factors_Square_Prime_Numbers


    In Teme we love to read. We make sure that we read at home every evening to an adult; Miss Quinn checks our reading diaries every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. During the week we have guided reading  sessions and enjoy our paired reading with Wye every Friday.

    Spring Times Table Challenge

    Can you complete this terms challenge of learning all times tables up to 12 and divisions by the end of the Spring Term?


    This Spring Term we have been learning how to pronounce lots of different sports.

    Click on the flag above to link to some games. Have fun!