Year 4 Children
  • Welcome to Teme Class

    Summer Term 2019

    Welcome to the Summer Term!  Here is a brief outline of some of the things we will be learning about this term:



    The children will be studying via Literacy and Geography, this term, the topic of the Rainforests and the country of Brazil.  We will be learning about South America and researching about the animals and how the rainforests exist including the interesting, contrasting human geography of Brazil.   We will also be discussing and debating the positives and negatives of the subject of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil.



    We will be progressing with our skills in the four functions of Maths whilst focusing on negative numbers, fractions, decimals, area and perimeters. The ‘Frog Maths Club’ will still continue. I am delighted to see how successful the children have become and how much they are enjoying working hard to leap to their lily pads! 


    The children are also working very hard on their multiplication challenges, and with huge success, so well done for all that extra practice at home and once again – practise, practise makes perfect! By the end of Year 4, all children are expected to know their 12 x 12 tables by heart.  For them to achieve this challenge, for each times table they are expected to answer the mixed up times table  within 1 minute.   



    We will be identifying a variety of living things (plants and animals) in the local and wider environment, using classification keys to assign them to groups.  We will be looking at the habitat changes which occur during the year, whilst recognising that habitats are constantly changing and why this poses dangers to specific habitats.  We will also be identifying how animals and plants have adapted to become suitable to their environment through evolution.  We are also planning a class trip to West Midland’s Safari Park later on in the term, to help us understand why environments are so important to the living world (more information to follow later).



    Our P.E. sessions this term will be on Monday and Thursday afternoons each week.  As these sessions will be held, weather permitting, on the field, could you please provide suitable sportswear and footwear, favourable to the weather conditions.  In addition, we love our sport in Teme Class and any opportunity we can, we will be out for a game of summer rounders or practising our athletics skills.

    Art and Design

    In our art and design lessons we will be using our Geography topic to sketch and draw animals within the rainforests whilst studying the artist Henri Rousseau for his 3D rainforest work.



    Spellings will be given every Monday, to be tested on Friday.  Please encourage your child to learn these at home.  Homework will be given out on a Monday to be handed in by Friday.  Reading is still going to be focused on heavily this term and regular practice at home really helps your child to improve.  

    We are very excited to be welcoming our Erasmus’ teachers and children to our school and community at the end of May this term.  The children will excitedly be focusing on global learning and will be learning traditional British skills, including country dancing, to demonstrate to our visitors while they are here.

    Teme class trip to Water works museum.

  • Mr Fair - Class Teacher

    Mr Lewis - Teaching Assistant

    Things to remember

    Thursday - Musical Instruments / P.E Kit

    Friday - Hand in homework and spelling books.


    Friday Frog Club

    Image result for frog jump lilly pad

    In Friday Frog Club the children have 5 minutes to complete the times table questions at their level and the number of questions increases as they rise up through the clubs.

    It begins with 33 questions on the 2, 5 & 10 times tables in the 33 club, to the all the tables in the 99 club! In the 99 club the children must answer 99 questions on their times tables in 5 minutes!

    To jump onto the next lily pad the children have to get all the questions right in 5 minutes!

    Use this website to test yourself.
    Select the tables of the club you are in and see if you can answer enough questions correctly in 5 minutes.

    Use these timers
    Select the timer you like and set the time to 5 minutes.

    The Mordiford Mile

    Please ensure that you have your trainers in school so that you can participate in the daily mile.


    Don’t forget to visit our Twitter page to see what we’ve been up to.


    Click on the links below to see the National Curriculum Spelling List for Years 3 and 4. Helping your child to learn these words will really support their English development.





    In Teme we love to read. We make sure that we read at home every evening to an adult; Miss Glover checks our reading diaries every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

    Times Table Challenge

    Can you complete this terms challenge of learning all times tables up to 12 and divisions by the end of Year 4?