Our Worship

  • The pupils and staff at Mordiford CE Primary School take part in active Collective Worship everyday.  As a church school our worship is based on the values and teachings of the Church of England.  We encourage all pupils to take an active role, but respect those pupils and families within our school community who may follow a different faith.  Parents do have the right to withdraw their child/children from Collective Worship for religious reasons if they so wish and the Headteacher or Collective Worship coordinator are happy to discuss this with parents.

    Every act of worship is underpinned by the belief of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.  At the beginning of the worship the pupils are welcomed and they remember the significance of each of the three items on the focus table and their symbolism of the Trinity.  The candle is then lit.  

    On a daily basis our worship, either in school or in Holy Rood church,  takes the form of:

    Monday: Whole school worship 

    Tuesday: Separate EYFS/KS1 and KS2 worship 

    Wednesday: Whole school worship 

    Thursday: Worship through song

    Friday: Golden Book/Celebration worship 

    Most are lead by the Headteacher and/or staff.  Rev. Moore, our Rector, is also a regular visitor and leads worship both in school and in Holy Rood church.

    Other forms of worship throughout the year are:

    • Class worship where parents and friends are invited to join us.
    • Special worship to celebrate a particular time in the Christian calendar, eg: Christmas, Easter, Ascension Day.
    • Our school and church ‘special day’ on September 14th.
    • ‘Welcome to Mordiford’  worship, at the beginning of a new school year, for our newest pupils joining us in Early Years.
    • Year 6 ‘Moving On’ worship where we say a fond farewell to our oldest pupils and wish them well as they move onto secondary school.
    • Our Year 6 pupils also attend the Diocesan Leavers service at Hereford Cathedral.

    At Mordiford CE Primary School prayer is central to collective worship and indeed the whole school day.  Every act of worship contains a prayer, which all the children and adults in the hall, church, and classroom (wherever collective worship takes place) join in with.  The children are familiar with the modern version of The Lord’s Prayer and The Grace.  In addition to this, in all classrooms there is a class prayer which is said at the end of the day as the children go home and is displayed prominently in the room. Prayer books containing prayers written by the children are also kept in some classrooms. 

    Christmas Journey

    We held our Christmas Journey throughout the school.  Each class took part of the story and created a thoughtful space in their classroom or around the school.  Each class then spent time exploring the story and responding to the questions or activities presented to them.

    Spirituality Week

    We held a fantastic whole school Spirituality Week before half term where the children, staff and parents were able to explore the idea of Spirituality and what it means to us.  During the week each class created a joint piece of artwork on a canvas which will be displayed around the school. We also welcomed Rev.Moore into Year 5 and Year 6 classes to talk about Spirituality within the Christian faith. Lugg class helped create the wings of a dragon, which was paraded in the Courtyard Theatre Family Fun Festival.  Arrow class cooked biscuits and cakes and then served them with a cup of tea for their parents and grandparents whilst they shared books. Teme class worked on making our school garden more spiritual and Wye class spent time at our Forest School site.  Lugg and Arrow classes worked together as part of a music day and Year 6 led our school worship on the theme of spirituality in front of parents.

    On Friday we held a whole school ‘Pink Day’ in support of Haven Breast Cancer Charity.  The children and staff looked fantastic in their pink clothes.  We began the day with a moment of quiet as we blew bubbles into the sky in an act of support, memory and prayer. Then we all set off on our walk to Hampton Bishop village hall (where hot chocolate was waiting for us), then we took part in worship in Hampton Bishop Church, St George’s before finally walking back to school.  During the afternoon our Year 6 pupils organised a ‘penny’ collection as pupils placed any spare change onto the outline of the Haven logo.

    Lugg children are welcomed to the Mordiford CE Primary School family

    On the 8th September we held a very special service in Holy Rood Church to welcome our new Reception pupils, in Lugg class, into the Mordiford school and church family.  In front of friends, family and the rest of the school the children were presented with a holding cross by Miss Finney.  We then prayed for them and all our new pupils and families as we begin a new academic year at school.

    We say a HUGE MORDIFORD goodbye to our Year 6

    This year was no different as we said an emotional goodbye to our present Year 6 pupils.

    Parents, family, staff, governors and the rest of the school packed our Holy Rood Church for our Leavers’ Service.  All the Year 6 pupils had prepared a joint ‘Memories of Mordiford’ speech, which included many memories and poignant moments from their time here along with some funny anecdotes.  We also enjoyed listening to staff reading from the Bible and saying the end of service prayers.  Using the Dr Seuss book ‘Oh, the Places You’ll Go!’ Miss Finney thanked and wished the pupils and their families well for their future.

    It was then back to school where the Year 6 entertained their family and friends with musical performances and their Ten Pieces compositions. Mr Foster also spoke about and presented individual certificates to each member of Pentaloe class.

    We wish every one of our Year 6 leavers a lovely summer and all the best for their next step in their education…….


    Year 4 and 5 RE visit to Birmingham

    To enhance our RE teaching and experiences our Year 4 and 5 pupils recently visited several places of worship in Birmingham.  They were very priviledged to visit a Mosque, Gudwara and Synagogue.  The children and staff learnt all about these special places of worship and what they mean to the people who worship there.  The boys had to cover their heads in the all the places of worship and the girls in the Mosque and Gudwara only – this was as a sign of respect.  

    Ascension Day

    We celebrated Ascension Day and the importance of Christ in our lives by releasing balloons as we prayed.  The whole school then went on a walk around the Mordiford Loop.  It gave us time to enjoy each other’s company and the wonderful environment around us. 

    Easter Labyrinth

    Our Easter Labyrinth was a great success and helped the children to understand the significance and meaning of this special time of year for all Christians.  Each class took part of the story and developed an activity that generated thought and discussion.  These were stationed around the school and each class then went on a ‘journey’ to explore the Easter story.