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  • Welcome to our class page – where you will find out about all the exciting things we are learning this term.

  • Spring Term in Monnow Class

    Welcome to our class page – where you will find out all the exciting things we are learning about this term.

    Welcome to the Spring Term!  Here is a brief outline of some of the things we will be learning about this term:


    During our Literacy lessons, we will be continuing to use Floppy’s phonics. The Oxford Owl website is which will provide you with tips, phonics support and free eBooks for your child to enjoy. It includes how to pronounce pure sounds, free activities and information about phonics.

    We will this half term be focusing on non-fiction writing by learning to write lists, captions and labels to link with our Geography topic – ‘We are Britain’. Following that we will be learning how to be ‘bossy’ by writing instructions using Pie Corbett’s version of ‘How to catch a Dragon’.  After half term we will be writing reports linked to our History topic of Florence Nightingale and enjoying rewriting our version of the fabulous book ‘Where the Wild Things Are’.


    We will be focusing heavily on counting, place value and number work including sequencing, addition, subtraction, doubling and halving. We will also be learning how to measure accurately including length, height, weight and capacity. Furthermore, we will be revisiting money, fractions and time – just to practise our skills!

    We will also be starting a new challenge this term, the ‘Froggy Maths Club’ which will encourage the children to learn their number bonds for 5, 10, 20, and 100; addition and subtraction to 20; sequencing and number facts in a fun and easy way. It is a challenge which will be given to them each week to improve their number work understanding; the children have loved it in the past and it has been very successful. Froggy Maths aims to encourage children to become more fluent through varied and frequent practice, to recall and apply their knowledge of fundamental maths skills. I am endeavouring for the sheets to be sent home each week so you can see which area they need more practise with – practise, practise makes perfect!


    In Science this half term, we will be investigating the properties of everyday materials and discovering why certain materials are used for different objects. We will be having fun finding waterproof and absorbent materials. If anyone has any spare materials which they can offer such as brick, guttering, paper, fabrics, elastic or foil please let me know, we would be most grateful for any resources. After half term we will be learning about animals and humans. We will be identifying and naming the different varieties (birds, reptiles, fish, amphibians, mammals and invertebrates) including carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. We will be describing and comparing the structures of common animals whilst identifying the basic parts of the human body including those associated with the senses.


    Our history topic during the first half term will be contrasting the past and present paying particular attention to toys which will be linked to our Science of why certain materials are used for toys nowadays and from the past. After half term we will be learning about famous people in Britain’s past. We will be studying how and why Florence Nightingale became such a famous nurse and the changes she made to nursing and hospitals, which are still at the heart of nursing today. With this in mind, if anyone has any spare doctors or nurses’ sets or bandages etc, I would be most grateful as we are planning to set up a hospital in our role play area (after half term)!


    This term we will be focusing on Christians, Muslims and Jewish worship, finding out why people pray, why places are sacred and if God is everywhere why do we need to go to a place of worship? Following half term we will be focusing on the Easter story paying particular attention to why Jesus was welcomed as a king or a celebrity by the crowds on Palm Sunday.


    Our P.E. sessions this term will be on Tuesday and Thursday each week. On Tuesday, the children will be participating in fitness training with Adriano. As these sessions will be held, weather permitting, on the field, could you please provide suitable sportswear and footwear, favourable to the weather conditions. On Thursdays we will have PE in the hall (indoor kits required). Please ensure your child has a full P.E. kit at all times in school for any extra sport sessions we have too.

    Reading books will be changed three times a week. I do expect your child to read at home daily, as this regular practise is the way for them to succeed in all subjects. Re-reading the book for confidence and consolidation is also very important for their reading development. If anyone has any time they could spare to hear some extra readers each week, I would be most grateful as this makes such a difference to their confidence and capability. 


    Spellings and homework will be sent home with your child every Monday, once again regular practise of their spellings is also important. Homework is to be handed in by Friday of each week and their spelling test also will take place on Friday.


    Please feel free to pop in see me anytime convenient to discuss any matters or concerns you may have or just to check on your child’s progress.

  • Miss Glover – Teacher

    Miss Bouston – Teaching Assistant





    Things to remember:

    P.E kit every Tuesday and Thursday (indoor and outdoor)




  • Our first week in Monnow (8.9.16)

    Rahl Dahl Book Day

    Forest Schools

    Queenswood Autumn Walk

    Year 1 went on their autumn walk to Queenswood and thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

    Monnow Class trip to Small Breeds Farm 23.03.17

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