• Mordiford CE Primary school is very proud of its global and international work and it was highly praised in our last Ofsted inspection. We have been involved in one Erasmus+ project and three Comenius projects since 2008 where we have worked with partner schools across Europe – Sweden, Spain, Turkey, Italy, Germany, Poland, France, Portugal, Sicily and Northern Ireland.  During the projects we have taken over 60 pupils to stay with host families and experience school life in Italy, Spain, Sweden, Poland and Germany.  We have also hosted pupils and teachers at Mordiford too. Staff  also benefited from these experiences.  We are now about to finish our first Erasmus+ project 2017-2019 ‘Mind and Body: A Healthier Tomorrow’  – see below.

    We have been awarded two consecutive International School Awards from British Council to acknowledge the high quality international work that we have embedded into our school ethos and curriculum.

    Over the past eight years we have sponsored 2 young boys and a young girl in India through a charity called Project Mala. The pupils have been excited to help Alun, Guddi and now our new Y1 pupil Hemant to gain an education and help them and their families. Alun has now moved into secondary school after passing his entrance exams. Guddi is now studying in a local school and doing well. Click HERE to see the Project Mala website.

    Other aspects of global education we are/have been involved with are E-Twinning and the Global Learning Project.

    Please look at our Comenius website to see the work we did in our last Comenius project:



    Erasmus+ 2019 - 2021 - Writing Across Europe with Roald Dahl


    We are delighted to announce  that we have just heard from British Council that we have secured funding for

    a new Erasmus+ project to run from:

    September 2019 – July 2021

    The project partners are from:  UK, Spain, Greece, Finland, Italy and Portugal

    The project is called:  Writing Across Europe with Roald Dahl


    Watch this space for more information………..

    Erasmus+ project 2017 - 2019 'Mind and Body:A Healthier Tomorrow'

    We were excited to be given funding by British Council to take part in an Erasmus+ project from September 2017 to July 2019.  The project is called ‘Mind and Body: A Healthier Tomorrow’ and focuses on mental and physical health of our pupils to equip them for their lives, both now and in the future.

    We have partner schools from; Portugal; Poland; Spain; Worcester, UK; Turkey and Italy (Sicily). Over the course of the two year project we visited each school and pupils travelled to both Poland and Spain.  In the summer of 2019 we will welcomed staff and pupils from our partner schools to Mordiford for a fun packed and educational week.

    Throughout the life of the project we have taken part in lots of mini projects and school/partner activities. Some examples are fruit and veg art, music for mindfulness, healthy films etc.

    We will introduced P4C (Philosophy for Children), yoga and peer massage into our school curriculum too.  This was all to help children cope with the daily issues of their lives in the world today and prepare them for their lives in the future.

    We have a project website which has been added to as the project progressed.  Please click on the link below to see what we have been up to so far.


    Project Mala

    We have been supporting the work of Project Mala for many years now.  We were delighted to receive a visit from Karen, who works with Project Mala and Neeraj, one of the pupils.

    They worked with Wye class as part of their India topic.  Neeraj and Karen taught the children how to play Kabaddi, count to 10 in Hindi and make chalk Rangoli patterns to welcome the goddess Lakshmi and bring wealth and luck for the year.

    It was very interesting to hear about Neeraj’s life and school and the children had so many questions to ask.

    Flags of Europe

    This term Arrow class (Year 2) have been involved with a European E-Twinning project called Flags of Europe.  Several European schools were involved and the project involved us swapping images that the children had made of our national flag.  Each school shared the flags we received in the post with our children.  Arrow class were so excited to receive the flags through the post and loved looking at the atlases and studying the stamps on the envelopes too.  We also shared some quiz questions about our countries for the other schools to try and answer.

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