• Our topic this term is the Tudors and we will be learning all about this fascinating time in history.


    This term we are sharing the David Walliams book Billionaire Boy. We will be working on developing characters and settings while writing exciting stories. We will be developing our grammar knowledge this term, starting with verbs and nouns and moving on to study adjectives, adverbs, pronouns and modal verbs. We will also be working to make sure our handwriting is beautifully formed. We will be working on spellings daily, making sure we are confident with the Year 3/4 words and then moving onto the Year 5/6 sets.


    We will look to develop our skills using the four operations, developing our ability to select the most appropriate method for a given context. We will look to apply the maths we have learnt to solve problems and make sure we are confident when answering questions with a real life context. We will also be making sure we are confident when reading and writing numbers and understand decimals and negative numbers.

    Other Subjects

    RE –  Mrs Broadbridge will be leading our RE sessions this term, developing our understanding of what our faith means.

    Science – We will be focusing on living things and their habitats this term.

    History – This is our main focus this term and we will be looking at putting events in context and looking to see what links we can make to the world around us. We will be trying hard to understand how different life was in Tudor times.

    Art and DT– We will be working to develop our sketching and shading techniques while also seizing the opportunity to plan and develop models such as the Guys for the Bonfire.

    ICT – We will be using the ipads and laptops to develop our coding skills this term.

    PE – We will be using Real PE to develop our core skills of balance and coordination while Adriano will apply them to a game environment.

    Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE) – Our new theme is called ‘Relationships’. This unit of work will explore how to establish and maintain positive relationships with others, as well as making amends when things go wrong.

    Other Information

    Our PE days will now be on a Tuesday with Adriano, a Thursday with me. It is important that the children always have appropriate PE kit in school so we can take advantage of additional sessions that come up.

    What you can do to help.

    Please hear your child read or read with them on a daily basis, whether it is a school book, library book, comic or an online text. It can be helpful to talk to them about what we have been studying in school, whilst also researching any subjects or topics that have really captured their imagination. I will be using Seesaw to post updates and for the children to share their work.


    Please have a look at our seesaw pages. If you are in need of a new QR code please come and see me.


    Frome Class really impressed during their Shakespeare Workshop

    with the Courtyard Theatre’s practitioner.








    Mr Foster – Class Teacher


    Mrs Fraser – Teaching Assistant