• During the Autumn Term we will be learning all about Space. This will include a trip to the planetarium at @Bristol and making a model of the universe.

    PE will be with Adriano on a Tuesday and with Mr Foster on a Wednesday.

    Any problems please come and see me.





    The homework this week links to our literacy work. We have been thinking about characters and I would like the children to think of three examples of heroes and villains that they have encountered in the books they have read. Can they draw a picture of the character and label the features that give them away as a baddie or a goodie! For example of could be a picture of Professor Dumbledore in Harry Potter with labels such as ‘Long grey beard suggesting wisdom’, ‘kind, sparkling eyes’ etc.


    The homework is due on Thursday 28th September.








  • Mr Foster

    Mr Foster – Class Teacher


    Mrs Fraser – Teaching Assistant