• Reception School Admissions Poster 2017

    Mordiford CE Primary School Admissions Criteria 2017/2018

    The planned admission number (PAN) for each year group is 21 children. The criteria for the admission of children to Mordiford CE Primary, an Academy School, to be applied in the event of over-subscription, are in the following order of priority:

    1.Pupils with a Statement of Special Education Need/ Education Health Care Plan, which names the school and those pupils in receipt of banded funding where the Local Authority, in consultation with the Governors, believes that the school is the most appropriate to meet the child’s needs.
    2. Pupils in the ‘Looked After’ system and children who are adopted, where the approved agencies in consultation with the Governors, agree that the school is the most appropriate to meet the child’s needs.
    3. A child who lives within the school’s designated catchment area.
    4. The presence of older brothers or sisters in the school at the time of admission.
    5. A child with unique circumstances, (special medical or social need) which prevents them from attending their designated school. Production of a medical certificate or other appropriate information is required.

    1. A child whose family are active members of the Church of England, who are committed to the practice of the Christian religion (this application must be supported by a letter from the appropriate vicar/rector/minister)
    2. A child who attends Mordiford Dragons Pre-School
    3. A child living outside the school’s catchment area and who does not qualify on any of the above statements will be considered in relation to the distance from school using the most likely route of travel.


    If the school is not able to offer a place to a child due to over subscription parents do have the right of appeal against this decision. In these circumstances the Head teacher will give advice and information about the appeal procedures.


    Appeals Timetable:


    1. Appeals must be lodged within 30 days from the date of notification that their application was unsuccessful.
    2. At least 10 school days’ notice will be given of an appeal hearing.
    3. Decision letters will be sent within 5 school days of the hearing wherever possible.